Welcome to KHATT.
A contemporary creative design agency where we bring life to your visionary concepts.

The origins of KHATT. tell a story that begins in 2016, in the creative world of Arabic Calligraphy. Where a curious teen would instil his creativity into the bewildering ruins of the world. Creating an escapade to channel those lingering thoughts that would cloud his mind. It was cryptic, yet self-explanatory to those like-minded - acknowledged by many but understood by few. The perfect allegory it seemed, where a community that he knew not of, was awaiting to be discovered. It wasn't until showcasing his work, that he stumbled across the diversity of this community. Arabic Calligraphy took various forms, created by individuals of varying nature. From doctors to lawyers to teachers, each with their own style, their own passion and most importantly, their own creativity.

"The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind"

- Rumi

KHATT. embraces this individuality. To stay true to its humble beginnings. "Khatt" derives from Arabic linguistics, meaning script or penmanship, alluding to our aim. To write your journey in the form it was intended to be told and capture the diversity of the human artistry. Where that curious teen saw sanctity, KHATT. too seeks to create a safe haven. A place to channel your inner thoughts and produce your boldest ideas. To not conform to norms. To be free. KHATT. is not just a brand, it's an identity.
A story that tells a thousand other stories.
I found my KHATT.
What's vour KHATT?